"To know the sacrifices of the past is to appreciate the
blessings of the present and to inspire great
deeds in the future."

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June 23, 2024




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The Life History of Martin Emmet Quinn
An Autobiography

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[The following was transcribed from Martin Emmet Quinn's original war journals.]

I will try and write down a few dates and experiences while in Uncle Sam's services dating from May the first 1918.

May 1, Wednesday, 1918 - Copeland, Idaho - Mr. McAnelly returned today from Spokane in his new car, a Buick six.

May 2, Thursday, 1918 - Made up my mind this morning to go to the Ferry to see how I stand in the Draft.

May 3, Friday, 1918 - Left Copeland, Idaho for Bonners Ferry, Idaho on stage in afternoon.

May 4, Saturday, 1918 - I am the fourth man on the list to be called. They say I can have a release to enlist, so I will go in on the eighth and enlist in the Navy as there are thirteen to go the next month.

May 5, Sunday, 1918 - Folks have gone to the Ferry with Ed Maxwell's baby. I and Alice at home with Grandma.

May 6, Monday, 1918 - Came into town a day earlier than I had planned, but I found I am too late as they have received their order for the men, and they will no grant my release.

May 8, Wednesday, 1918 - I received my call today to report for duty May 29th at 5 P.M. Three more weeks, and then I must say good-bye to civil life.

May 10, Friday, 1918 - Mrs. Dilhoon gave a party for Chance Guthrie and I. We had a nice time, games and music. Toasts given by Mrs. McAnelly and other guests.

May 11, Saturday, 1918 - Went to a show with Alice in Ed Wilson's Hall.

May 12, Sunday, 1918 - Went to Maplea with the McAnelly's in their new car. Had a fine trip. The roads were good, and it was a very nice day. Had a few thrills such as meeting trains and autos.

May 26, Sunday, 1918 - Spent most of day talking with Alice. Two more days and then for the Unknown.

May 29, Wednesday, 1918 - Mr. McAnelly took me to the Bonners Ferry in auto with Mrs. McAnelly and Alice. Reported 5 P.M. for active service. Alice and I had walked a mile back to say good-bye, then I walked on, and she went back to her folks and home.

May 30, Thursday, 1918 - Left Bonners Ferry, Idaho, for Camp Lewis, Washington, 9:30 A.M. Missed seeing my folks at Spokane. Mrs. Greisinger met me with a nice lunch at Wilson Creek.

May 31, Friday, 1918 - Arrived in Camp Lewis 4:30 A.M. A sergeant came on and gave us orders how to get off. We were taken through receiving station and then marched in columns of fours to barracks where they began taking our measure for clothing. 37 Co. 166 Depot Brigade.

June 1, Saturday, 1918 - We were lined up this morning and taken over to the infirmary where they gave us a hypo in our arm for typhoid and a vaccination in the other for smallpox. Stood retreat tonight for the second time. A great many keeled over from effects of the vaccinations.

June 2, Sunday, 1918 - Went to church today in Recreation Hall.

June 5, Wednesday, 1918 - Received my uniform today. Had an awful time getting it on, and it feels very uncomfortable.

June 6, Thursday, 1918 - Going through close order drill - squads right and left.

June 8, Saturday, 1918 - Received rifle and bayonet, also second hypo in arm. Usual drill until June 18th. Camp has been full of rumors that we are going to move.

June 19, Wednesday, 1918 - Orders to pack up our equipment. We entrained at 2 P.M. and left Camp Lewis, Washington, for Camp Kearny, California. 20th and 21st spent on the train.

June 22, Saturday, 1918 - Arrived in Camp Kearny, California, at 12 o'clock noon. It is quite different to Camp Lewis being all tents and very little timber. Camp Lewis was barracks and plenty timber. Saturday afternoon and Sunday the 23rd spent with 160th Infantry.

June 24, Monday, 1918 - Transferred to a regular outfit. 145 Machine Gun Battalion of the 40th Division known as the Sunshine Division. Company C is the Co. I am in.

July 2, Tuesday, 1918 - First pay day. Paid $22.40.

July 4, Thursday, 1918 - Took my examination on rules and regulations, qualified, and got my pass.

July 6, Saturday, 1918 - Went to San Diego, California. Took some snaps. Was at Balboa Park, the Naval training station. It was a very beautiful place.

July 7, Sunday, 1918 - Returned to Camp from San Diego about noon. It was about an hours ride from Camp.

July 21, Sunday, 1918 - The usual drill from July the 7th to July 21st.

July 22, Monday, 1918 - My first guard mount. Two hours on and four off for twenty-four hours.

July 26, Friday, 1918 - The usual drill from the 22nd to 26th. Had the Co.'s picture taken.

July 27, Saturday, 1918 - Orders to pack up to leave. Got on train and left about 8 P.M. Arrived at San Bernadino, California, about 10 P.M. Left 10:30.

July 28, Sunday, 1918 - Arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada 2:30 P.M. Arrived in Caliente, Nevada 9 P.M.

July 29, Monday, 1918 - Arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah 4:25 P.M. Train stopped by the Lake. We all got off and had a swim in it. Arrived in Ogden 6 P.M. Off for exercise. Evanston, Wyoming 9:30 P.M.

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