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Life Sketch of Ferdinand Stammler
Compiled by Stammler Family Historians, Eugen and Dr. Hans Stammler of Germany, in 1959

Ferdinand Karl Friedrich Georg Stammler, the 5th son of the Pension Official, Johann Konrad Stammler (1754-1829), was born in Grünberg, Germany on 2 March 1802. His first education, like his brothers, he received in Grünberg from a private teacher at home, and then he attended high school in Darmstadt where he passed the exit exams and then studied law in Giessen. After he passed the State Exams, he was given a position as assessor to the secretary of the Grand Duke's High Court in Giessen. On 10 April 1828, he was then promoted to the position of Secretary and Assessor of the High Court. Then on 19 November 1829, he became the Assessor without vote of the Regional Court in Nidda. On 2 November 1832, he was transferred to the same position in the Regional Court in Homberg on the Ohm River. On 25 July 1833, he was given the nobility to vote.

He was married on 4 November 1833 to Eleonore Christiane Königer in Grossrohrheim. She was born in Homburg von der Höhe on 9 May 1811 as the daughter of the (at that time) Grand Duke of Hessen's Captain in the 1st firing battalion (those carrying a weapon), and later General, Friedrich Königer from Jägersburg. To this union were born two children: Jeanette Charlotte Friederike Karoline Auguste and Friedrich Heinrich Franz. Eleonore died in Homberg on the Ohm River on 17 September 1836, just a few days after the birth of their second child.

On 12 January 1840, Ferdinand was married again to Emilie Mathilde Koch in Rülfenrod. She was the daughter of the confectioner, Georg Koch from Goslar, and she was born in Goslar on 6 November 1813. To this union were born eight children: Amalie Auguste Ida (who died at 1½ years old), Wilhelmine Auguste Georgine Emilie Ottilie, Julius Georg Karl, Paul Ludwig Eduard Wilhelm (who died at 1½ months old), Christiane Thekla Emilie Luise, Sophie Katharine Julie Mathilde, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (known as Fred W.), and Karl Eduard.

On 29 June 1847, Ferdinand was promoted to Provincial Judge in Fürth which lies in Odenwald. On 2 November of the same year, in the same position he transferred to and worked in Ulrichstein, and finally on 9 May 1855 was transferred from there to Büdingen.

After 15 years of working in Büdingen, being richly blessed, and never tiring of his work up until his last days, Ferdinand died on 3 March 1870 after only a four day illness of a lung infection. His widow continued to live there until 1888 when she then moved to Darmstadt and died there on 1 March 1900. She was buried in Büdingen on 4 March 1900.

His descendents are strewn throughout the world, and no one lives in Büdingen any more who bears the Stammler name.

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